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Monday, October 21, 2019

The Journey Continues

A theme to which return again and again on this blog is the theme of moving forward. Occasionally I look back over my writings and studies and it is then I realize how wonderful it is to keep growing. Some studies are delivered in a rather sloppy way, others simply delivered without the balance of grace and truth.

As I prepare a video series (complete with PowerPoint slides and some of my own charts), I remind myself that I am presenting what I currently have come to understand, not only before any viewers, but before my Lord.

If I were a more disciplined individual, I would take the time to go back and make corrections, clarifications, and additions to all my previous posts. I have done this on a few occasions, but in many instances I have left it to the reader to do his own studying. The Bible is an enormous book and I find more and more enlightening nuggets all the time. This drives me to want to write what I’m grappling with which sometimes leaves little time to go back.

Most of these studies are for me. They force me to lay out the scriptural arguments for myself. Often a post is not published as I deal with my own objections and questions. We are all theologians and each will answer for his theology (beliefs and teachings) as an individual. When I recall things I once believed in light of continual study, and realize how far removed I am from many of those beliefs, I thank God for his patience and for leading me into clearer truths; truths for which I have a far better biblical foundation.

Not to be lost in this journey is our view, attitude, and treatment of others. It is perhaps in this area
I have the most regret. We cannot change yesterday. We should not dwell on our shortcomings. But with whatever time we have left, we need to ask God to fill us with love and grace for those around us.

It is hard to leave yesterday behind, but somehow we must. Whether it be the human traditions which have stifled or enslaved us or our own selfishness and sin, tomorrow must find us moving towards maturity. As we have seen in a number of studies, we want want to be found faithful servants. We do not want to one who beats his fellow servants or one who finds his service for the Lord a waste.

Let us all go to God and allow him to lead us into all truth. Let us be determined to forsake tradition as we realize it might take some time to find the answers. Let us find patience with those around us and ask the Lord to soften our hearts and to give us a love for others born out of his love. He has already been reconciled to men through Christ. We have been made ministers of that very reconciliation.