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How Bible Interpretation Goes Wrong

I don't do this much as I think these things are better left alone. However, I think is a great example of how a teaching can go horribly wrong when we fail to rightly divide the Word of Truth and we try to rob Israel of her promises and her place in God's plan.

This is where failure to acknowledge context leads to great confusion.

I was with him until about the 20 minute mark.

The Body is not Israel. It was unknown to the prophets. Israel has a separate hope than does the Body. Israel's hope is connected to the earth, the land and the kingdom while the Body's hope is "in heavenly places" or "far above the heavens." Israel and the Kingdom are still in view in the Acts age.

Israel is known "since" the foundation of the world, while the Body was hidden from "before" the foundation of the world. Isaiah speaks of Israel. Unto her are the covenants (old and new), promises and prophets, not the Body. Paul was witnessing to "the ho…

More on this Titles Business... Stop Using Them

Previously I addressed the issue of giving titles to men. In short, I don't believe it's biblical. I was moved to revisit it after watching some videos of titled men preaching nonsense or defending the wickedness of other titled men; all under the threat "touch not the Lord's anointed!"

Pal, you ain't God's anointed.

For starters, since I believe that a vast majority of people in Christendom with titles and "uniforms"are not even true believers (let alone someone with a calling from God) I really couldn't care less about their titles or degrees.

Paul called himself "the least of the apostles," "less than the least of all the saints," and "the chief of sinners." This was the man who was sent to us Gentiles. If any man could take a title it would be Paul, but he did not. We need a little more of that attitude in our pulpits and pews.

And Paul's apostleship was conferred by God. None can claim that today. And altho…