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A Thought On Hebrews 10:29

What was Paul warning his readers in Hebrews 10?
I am wondering why the word Greek word "hagiázō" (to sanctify) is rendered in the past tense in Hebrews 10:29. It is given in the aorist tense which allows for other renderings. It's also in the middle voice. (All is of this is courtesy of Mr. Strong and his concordance).

So, couldn't it be understood that those being addressed sanctified themselves (middle voice), yet then became defiled? And it could not also refer to a future sanctification (aorist option)?

The First Covenant with "the children of Israel" is given in Exodus 19:5-6 and is a promise that Israel will be a kingdom of priests for the nations. We read this in Exodus 19:22 (in preparation for that future role):

"And let the priests also, which come near to the Lord, sanctify themselves [Hebrew reflexive case], lest the Lord break forth upon them."
So, a possible Scotto translation of Heb 10:29 (which we do not recommend) utilizing the NJKV…