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More On This Names Of God Business

There is a group of Bible teachers who are trying to put people back under slavery to fear and the Law. One way they try to do this is by telling you you are worshiping Satan if you don't use the "correct" Hebrew names for God (or Christ).

Here is my response to one such video:

It seems like you think the entire New Testament was written in Hebrew or Aramaic? If not, I have no idea how you conclude that the Father can only be referred to as "Yahweh." Obviously, Paul uses "theós" [Greek] to refer to the true God and in Acts 17 that is the same word the pagan Greeks also use (the difference being the object of the use). In Psalm 82, scripture (the Father) refers to men as "'ĕlôhı̂ym" (אֱלֹהִים) [Hebrew]. But we know from context the object and difference. 'ĕlôhı̂ym [Hebrew] is also used of false gods (Deut 32:17; etc.).

Scripture also allows for pronouns. Both the Father (Yahweh) and Satan are referred to as "he…