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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Heretical Timeline of Those Teaching God Tortures the Lost

We have covered this topic a number of times. Most recently in this POST.

We have looked at the doctrine of men which teaches that God tortures the vast majority of mankind with fire upon death, without hope of relief, for eternity. We have examined this from several scriptural angles.

But I wanted to put their various doctrines together to further highlight its inconsistencies. We did this in our last study with the Gates of Hell. That is, it is often taught that while God is the one who created "hell" and while God is the one who is torturing people there and while Satan is currently roaming the earth and has no desire to be cast there... somehow the "Gates of Hell" are attacking the church?

So let's look at the hellish timeline we are supposed to believe:

  • God tells Adam that the punishment for sin is death and a return to dust.
  • Cain and Abel die.
  • Abel somehow goes to Abraham's bosom (Abraham would not live until 2000 years later)
  • Cain opens his eyes in fiery torture nobody warned him about (God's a liar?).
  • These two can see each other.
  • Cain is being tortured by God moment by moment for the last 6000 years.
  • Even though scripture teaches God alone is immortal, Cain is apparently immortal.
  • Even though scripture teaches that immortality only comes in resurrection, etc...

Nobody in the Hebrew scriptures is apparently aware of Abraham's Bosom or the fact that the dead have any consciousness, so they repeatedly write, under inspiration, that the dead know nothing and are like the beasts when they die.

Hezekiah thinks the "Gates of Hell" is the grave, Isaiah concurs. Isaiah seems to think, under inspiration, that the bodies thrown into the Lake of Fire are corpses.

The Lord decides to reveal the doctrine of Abraham's Bosom to the Pharisees for some reason. And in doing so, teaches that the way to this state of bliss is via poverty and suffering, "Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things; but now he is comforted and you are tormented."  So, I guess Abraham's life was full of evil things (disease and poverty)?

Skip to AD 1944

  • Young Jewish mother is taken from her home and placed in Dachau in early 1944.
  • She is starved and her children taken away from her.
  • She is raped then shot in the head that same year.
  • Her body is placed in the oven and is burned to ashes.
  • As Nazis burn her corpse, God got hold of her and she is being tortured by Him beyond any comprehension.
  • She wishes she was back in Dachau.
  • Hitler and her rapist and murderer die. 
  • They all end up under the same punishing fiery torture by God.

The Millennial reign of Christ (1000 years)

  • During Christ's reign, all in "hell" are being tortured by God with fire beyond comprehension (Cain now at 7000 years, Hitler and the Jewish mother at little over 1100 years)
  • All these unbelievers are raised from the dead and brought before the Great White Throne
  • At last a moment of relief! So the torture was not without relief or end!
  • God reads out charges against them, for some reason they care?
  • Back to torture they go (remember, this would apply to the vast vast majority [95+%?] of humans of all ages)
  • Those taken from "hell" are cast into The Lake of Fire (same thing or does it make any difference?)
And during the last 2000 years of earth's history, God's torture chamber has been somehow assaulting his church?

This is what they expect us to believe?

 "You make the Word of God of no effect by your tradition."

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