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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Passion of the Christ 2: A Warning

Here We Go Again

As I experienced the last go around, I will assume that I am wasting bandwidth and breath again this time... but I still feel compelled to warn my fellow Evangelicals about an upcoming phenomena which will, no doubt, milk hundreds of millions out of the Body.

I recently blogged about how Satan works. Remember, Satan is not in the Nightclub business, he's in the religion business. He presents himself as an Angel of Light and his ministers are the ministers of righteousness (2 Cor 11). I documented the nonsense (not sure what other word to use) when The Passion of the Christ was released. It was unbiblical, based in part on visions from "mystics," and its goal was hidden from its audience.

I was told how awesomely biblical it was. I watched 40 minutes on cable and was horrified at how it obviously played with revealed truth. How some people called it "accurate" is beyond me. [Aside: we should avoid trying to harmonize the gospels in any case; the Holy Spirit gave us 4 separate accounts for a reason.]

Ministries declared it would bring national revival. One ministry I documented "prophesied" church services breaking out in theaters (whatever that was supposed to look like).

I think I can safely say, America had no revival and has been in heavy decline since.

But the most damning thing was the goal of its maker. The primary force behind the film (an Anti-Semite) declared his own wife was in danger of hell-fire for being Episcopalian. The other promoter hit the circuit, speaking at Evangelical gatherings around the country, You can watch these visits on YouTube... but you won't see ALL his visits.

You will not find what he was saying in meetings in his own church. The reason for that was because all attendees were told they could not record what he was saying. I discovered what he was saying via a blog by someone who loved what he had to say and was puzzled by the restriction. Hint: he wasn't telling them about the gospel of the free grace of God.

But we don't even need that evidence. His own words, published in interviews about the film, should have exposed him to anyone with an ounce of discernment. He spoke openly about the filming and what he was about. Sadly, few Christians cared.

Regardless, no film is going to bring revival. Can a film be used by the Lord? Sure, if it has scripture correctly presented. Scripture teaches us that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. But when a film mixes truth and error, as Satan did in the Garden and in the Wilderness. it becomes very dangerous.

Unless someone knows of a spiritual transformation and the regeneration of the principals, I will, again, assume the worst.

TPOTC2 will come out. It will be lauded from pulpits across the nation. Errors, omissions and additions will be ignored. It will make its makers another $1 billion... and we'll have no revival.

Imagine what that money could do for real missions?


"Never before has [Satan] been so successful as now, blinding the eyes of them that believe not. Idolatry and all the perversions of the Truth of God are his work. He is the author and supporter of every cult which denies Christ. He is the real parent of Higher Criticism, Mormonism, Russellism, Christian Science… Romanism, and all other isms which deny the Truth of God… What a happy day it will be when he is shut up."
-A.C. Gaebelein, Commentary on The Revelation, 1915