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We Need More Apologists and Fewer Apologizers

Naughty Us Syndrome
I don’t know how I managed to become a Christian. Listening to a lot of Christians these days, we’re apparently a horrifying group of people who have a need to constantly apologize (while self-flagellating). Often that takes the form of apologizing on behalf of other Christians. I was also a member of a group that was a focus of some of the apologizing.

In fact, my delay in finally succumbing to the glorious truth of the gospel of the free grace of God was, in part, delayed by one of the most popular apologizers. While attending a Christian festival, I was affirmed in my errors by this big-name “Christian leader” (another phrase I can’t stand). And he poured on the angry apologizing, much to the joy of the crowd. I call this tendency “Naughty Us!” Syndrome. It feels good, but we’re not called to do it. We’re called to be witnesses to the truth.
That speaker did owe me an apology; an apology for not telling me the truth... for affirming me in my error... but, worst…