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Friday, February 23, 2018

Daniel's 70 Weeks

I'm not keen on date-setting, but I do believe in prophecy and its accuracy. To that point let me quickly lay out a few scenarios about the return of the King to restore the Kingdom to Israel (the subject of the parables in Matthew we've recently been studying). This was the subject of the Lord's teaching the 40 days after his resurrection to the futures judges in the kingdom (the twelve), Acts 1:6; etc.

It is often noted that in the Gospels, Acts and the Acts-Age epistles there is an expectation of the Kindom. Just yesterday at church, our visiting speaker referenced the Lord's soon coming in James 4 (7-9). Well, 2000 years is a long time to wait at the door.

I'll jump to the chase. Many Bible teachers point to the prophetic 70 weeks (NIV: sevens) of Daniel 9 as a guide. But have we ever considered there are TWO sets of 70 weeks?

9:24 speaks of 70 weeks determined upon Isreal AND Jerusalem, "To bring in everlasting righteousness."

9:25-27 speaks the 70 weeks of the Messiah, his death, the Antichrist and the times of Jacob's Trouble (the Tribulation). However, here the weeks are broken into 7, 62, and 1.

The Temple was restored in 405BC, 49 years (sevens) after the decree went out after the walls were rebuilt in 454BC.

Taking the first date at the restoration of the Temple moving ahead 490 years (70x7) we come to AD85.

But what of the 7-62-1? This is specific to the going out of the decree to rebuild. That started in 454BC. 49 years takes us to 405BC. 62x7 adds 434 years and we arrive at AD29* when "Messiah shall be cut off" (v.26). This leaves 1week wherein the AntiChrist "shall confirm [Hebrew: gâbar, make strong] a covenant with many for one week." This suggests the existence of an already existing covenant.

*It is understood that after adjusting for historical calendar changes, Jesus was most likely born approx 4BC.

But we still have the original 70 weeks progressing. AD29-AD64 is the Acts Age. That would be 35 years or 5x7. At that point, Paul reveals the Mystery of Ephesians 3 and the plans for Israel (and the Kingdom) are put on hold. This follows the events of Acts 28 wherein the Jews in Rome reject their Messiah (the repentance of Israel is necessary for the restoration, Acts 3:17-21.

We are now left with 3 weeks of the original 70 and 1 week of the second 70.

Hosea teaches us the history of Israel as God's people and periods Israel is "not his people." It is best to read the whole book, but chapter 6 speaks of Israel in judgment and then her restoration

"After two days He will revive us; On the third day He will raise us up..."

A day is as a thousand years with the Lord (2 Peter 3:8). What we may be seeing in our day is the preparation of Israel for the renewal of the last three weeks. 14 years of rebuilding the temple and institution of a peace treaty. The final week will be the Tribulation of Israel. The treaty is "confirmed" then broken and the cleansing of Israel begins with a remnant rising.

That third day in Hosea 6? That would be the 1000 year millennial reign of the Messiah on earth in the Kingdom ("On the third day He will raise us up").

Putting these dates together, that return would be sometime around 2085 with the 21 years (3 weeks) beginning around 2064 with the Tribulation beginning around 2078.

Now you should ingest a rather large grain of salt.