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Friday, December 29, 2023

Commenting on God's Future Plans for the Earth and for Israel

The Gateway Pundit (TGP) presents itself as a home for Constitutional conservatism. It is also a  Trump-worshipping site which purports to support free speech. As with many such sites, they are really big-government, old-school Democrats. The needle has moved so far to the Left that Trump's big-government, patriotic, "moralist" approach looks like conservatism and Libertarianism by comparison. There is a spiritual and end-times element to be considered here, but we only mention it hoping that the big picture context is being considered.

Unfortunately, a number of my comments at TGP get flagged for review (which never comes and the comments go off to die in silence). Part of TGP's big government blind spot is in its embrace of "traditional Catholicism." What is lost on these folks is that the Catholic Church has long been the enemy of the American Republic (Pius IX and others condemning it in one form or another).  The Catholic Church continues its assault on the Constitution into 2024. The Left side continues its almost two centuries of pushing "Social Justice" and the Right side pushing a moralist, big government conservatism. 

I am assuming it is the use of the word "Jew" in my comment that upset their algorithm here? Ironic, as my statement is very pro-Israel, especially in light of claims of the Catholic Church in regard to Jews. The missing context here is a comment a "conservative" Catholic posted against on my initial comment. The assertion of my dissenter is at the CC is the "New Israel" of the New Covenant. While pretending to be the historic defender of the Jews (a laughable and even cruel assertion), he defended Rome's adoption of itself as the "New Israel" of scripture (absent in the texts, however).

So here, unedited it my rambling response that TGP, in their commitment to free speech" decided to silence:

Paul states clearly in Romans (and elsewhere) that the promises in regard to the Kingdom and the plan for the earth are still Israel's, his brethren. The Lord, while healing and giving life to Gentiles, stated clearly that he was sent to none but to Israel. The Gospel of the Kingdom was forbidden to be preached to anyone but to Jews. The Peter himself offered the return of Christ and the restoration of the Kingdom (which is the Lord's plan for Israel one day as he taught them for 40 days after his resurrection, Acts 1) in Acts 3 (post Pentecost). Peter refers to Israel as Israel and Jews as his brethren. He knows no such thing as a Gentile Bride. Gentiles were grafted into the existing root of Israel (didn't happen until long after Pentecost despite Gentiles having faith before Pentecost) for the expressed purpose of making Israel jealous. Gentiles were grafted in to Israel to make "the Church" jealous. And in that grafting in, Gentiles were treated differently from Jewish believers (Acts 15, Acts 21). Paul was in chains "for the hope of Israel" until the end of the Acts. Paul spoke nothing to the Jews at Rome, or at any time in the Acts that was not spoken by Moses and the Prophets. He testified to that under oath and in Rome. He does not reveal the heavenly plan until after the Acts age in the Book of Ephesians wherein he is in chains "for the hope of you Gentiles." Gentiles never became Jews (apart from becoming proselytes). In the Lord's ministry, they merely ate the crumbs that fell from the "master's" table, the "children" and "sons" of the Kingdom.

James writes to the twelve tribes and Peter to the Jewish dispersion. It's a big topic I won't try to discuss in a comments section. I just put some things here for any interested in God's plans and blessings for the earthly kingdom to come in Israel and his plans and blessings for the "far above the heavens." The prophets tell us the sacrificial system will be reestablished in Israel and the day is coming when Gentiles will grab the shirt of a Jew and beg him to take him to God for God is with them. Both covenants are for earthly Israel (in faith). Read them for yourself. The gift of resurrection life is not a covenant (it's free by faith). Grace is not a covenant (it's free by faith). Neither covenant has to do with "going to heaven." They are covenants by which Israel will become a holy nation and a royal priesthood for the nations. Again, you can reject all that. All I'm doing is pointing folks to scripture, rightly divided. We must separate salvation from death and decay with blessings and service. Good luck.

 What I hope to accomplish with such big picture commentary is not the conversion of the other commenter. While that would be wonderful, I know I am dealing with hardcore papists who have no time or respect to consider anything that doesn't advanced popery (ironic as these people hate the current pope and love to defy him). 

My hope is that possibly someone just "listening in" (as it were) might consider the greater idea of Right Division of scripture and the distinction between God's future plans for the earth and his future plans for the far above the heavens.