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Friday, February 25, 2022

Overview of the Entire Bible

 A few years ago, my local church asked if I'd teach an introductory series on the Bible for the young people of our fellowship. That was a 12-week (2-hours each) experience which included a lot of discussion. What I am offering in this series is a truncated version of that course.

There are seven videos in this series (playlist). Hopefully, you have seen the four very short videos linked at the top of this blog. That short series is a very brief introduction to basic theology (explaining the basics of dispensationalism, right division). This series seeks to give a context to every part of the Bible. When we land on a verse or a passage in holy writ, we need to know where we are before we can properly interpret and apply. 

As my readers know, I do not claim to be infallible. I am just someone with a decaying mind, a rebellious flesh, trying to seek my Lord with an open and honest heart as best I can. Hopefully, these videos will help young believers (young in age or young in the faith or even young in theology) to, at least, start thinking about interpreting the scripture for yourself.

It is often said that personal study can be dangerous. It is only dangerous if you seek to force others into agreement. Men have used armies and clergy to force men into their theologies. Whether you agree with none, a little, or all of what I propose in these videos, it remains true that I am not your judge. We will all stand alone. 

All that said, I hope what comes through is my love for God, my love for scripture, and my understanding of my own frailties and limitations. My personality will also come through. I can be a bit snarky, but it is all done in jest, I assure you. I like "table talk" theology. I'm not standing in a pulpit as I flip through my sloppy PowerPoint shows, I'm sitting across the table with a cup of Italian Roast, dark coffee with the full understanding that I don't have all the answers.

LINK to the playlist on YouTubeThe Bible From 30,000 feet Playlist

Individual Studies:


Genesis - Deuteronomy (The Law)

Joshua - Esther (History Books)

Poetry and Prophecy

The Gospel and Acts Period

The Epistles

The Revelation